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Reclaiming Joy (6) From The Thorns To The Crowns

Based on the sefer Pirkei Machshavah - Nisyonos Acharis Hayamim (the tests of our generation) by Rav Ezriel Tauber. P95. Through the thorns of life come the crowns of Torah and Yiddishkeit. When do the crowns on the Torah's letters shine? Easy access to bring inappropriate content into our immediate vicinity. We no longer have to seek the "tachtonim" (lowest parts of creation) - they come to us. Having self-control. The change from allowing Jews to live among the nations to killing them (Holocaust) has removed the nation's ability to subjugate the Jewish nation. Exposed to everything previously unavailable because the nations kept us separate. Our parents' confidence in themselves and their children. When we hear a story, what does it mean and what do we learn from it? Even though we often damage our relationship with Hashem, every single movement with which we try to disengage from doing the wrong things [nachalas goyim] and turn to Hashem is great and precious in Hashem's eyes.


Reclaiming Joy (5) Whose Torah - The Brilliant Student's Or The One Who Struggles?

Based on the sefer Pirkei Machshavah - Nisyonos Acharis Hayamim (the tests of our generation) by Rav Ezriel Tauber. P92. What did Hashem offer the nations of the world when He offered them the Torah? What level of Torah did He offer? Why was there a presumption that the Torah might have been given during the time of the mabul (flood); or even during the time of Avraham Avinu (our forefather)? It is remarkable that the Torah was given to a nation that had spent years in the filth of Egypt and was steeped in the 49 levels of impurity and the majority of which did not want to leave! We are in an equally low world, which - like Moshe was for the Jews back then - requires the greatest tzaddikim (righteous men) to pull us out of the Egypt. The purpose of Torah is not to help the mal'achim (angels) with whatever they are dealing with - it is "designed" to help man transform the darkness of this world into light. The tremendous zchus (merrit) we have to live in this generation, where it's so hard to serve Hashem, and a person turns away from something he shouldn't look at, or spends an extra 15 minutes with a sefer. The many questions about the Talmudic description of Moshe Rabbeinu's "introduction" to Rebbi Akiva. Who do the crowns of Torah belong to - the ones who work hard and invest themselves to acquire them.