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Yisrael And Yishmael (2) The Yishmaelim Are Upon Us - Wherever We Are

Terrorism and suicide is not a conventional form of war - it is not a malchus (kingship). (Igeres Teiman - Rambam). The way we are judged by Hashem is in exile through the terrible experience we are having with our enemies, who commit the very essence of evil. Why did David HaMelech single out the tribe of Kedar from among all the Yishma'elim? The Rambam's advice to the Jews of Yemen [not applicable today]. The more we seek peace, the more they seek war and murder. The four types of malchius and the different types of sufferings associated with each - after these are finished, there are still the Yishmaelim, wherever Jews have settled and live, throughout the entire world. (A chibah from R' Chaim Vittal on Tehillim (p. 124)). The two sides of Yishmael that make him so powerful [son of Avraham Avinu (forefather) and had an incomplete bris milah (circumcision)]. Why does the Torah describe Yishmael as a "pereh adam?" The "adam" type of enemy as opposed to the four "animal" enemies. The war between Adam (Yisrael) and pereh adam (Yishmael) revolves around the kedushah of the bris (covenant) with Avraham Avinu. The condition for being in control of Eretz Israel, for having the land. The contamination of Yishmael, guarding the bris, the difficulty of guarding our eyes are upon us "alav" wherever we are.