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Ana Beko'ach (20) Separating Good From Bad

Based on the sefer Ana Beko'ach by Rav Chaim Cohen (the Chalban). P82. Birth is the most clear expression of gevurah, that the baby is pushed into this world. Chesed and ahavah (love) is the power of turning two into one, of unifying. Gevurah is all about making a separation and distance between things. The responsibility of Am Yisrael in this world is to uncover the nitzotzos (sparks) in everything through separating the tov (good) from the ra (bad), and then perfecting the tov. Pesach is about rushing, while chametz is about being stuck in one place. The body keeps and integrates the tov, and rejects the ra. Tefillah (prayer) is the ideal of all worlds, since all of existence is yearning to return to its source. The whole world knows that their destiny is tied into Am Yisrael doing the necessary tikkunim. All things that we like are connected to the shoresh (root) of our neshama. Yaakov taught his sons niggunim (songs) of Eretz Yisrael so that they could survive Egypt.


Reclaiming Joy (2) The Wrong Question - What's In It For Me?

Based on the sefer Pirkei Machshavah - Nisyonos Acharis Hayamim (the tests of our generation) by Rav Ezriel Tauber. P86. The "terrible" trials and tribulations of the three-day Yom Tov (holiday). Transforming tzdakah's into marketing campaigns - what can this mitzvah (observing the commandment) do for me? Guaranteed results? How come I didn't get a prize for my Yiddishkeit? What is the reason for my learning and sitting 12-14 hours each day in the Beis Medrash; if this is not my natural choice, the results can be devastating. Connecting back to the time when Ezra and Nechemia brough back the Jews from Bavel (Babylonia); the Jews of that time, in the short period of 70 years, had fallen into a terrible spiritual state: intermarriage, avodah zarah (ido worship), etc. What did Ezra and Nechemia demand of these returnees? An active decision to do mitzvos - a most prominent example is the Ger tzedek (a gentile who converts to Judaism). A rant about those who promise results in return for charity. To convert means serving Hashem with everything that I have and I am.