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Understanding And Engaging The Month Of Elul

There are many remazim (hints) throughout the Torah to the letters of the word 'Elul', the month before Rosh Hashana. It is worthwhile to learn from the sefer Tomer Devorah (The Palm Tree of Devorah) during the month of Elul, as a way of working on one's middos (character traits), especially in relating to our fellow Jews. When a Jew is in pain, Hashem, so to speak, is also in pain. Also, every Jew should feel the pain and the simcha (joy) of another Jew, since we are all really one. Hashem taking us out of Egypt was an expression of the middah of Hashem feeling our suffering, which came about because the Jewish policemen in Egypt were sensitive to and tried to relieve the suffering of other Jews, even at their own expense.


Pomegranate Peels (Slichos 5774)

We begin our year with "lanu boshes hapanim" - we are embarrassed, together as a nation. The chutzpah (gall) to not only ask Hashem to increase our merrits, but also to be written in the book of merrits. What does it mean when we try to "confuse" the Satan with our tekios (shofar blasts) and our avodah (actions) on Rosh Hashanah. Due to the descent of the generations, our (even simple Jews') avodah and mitzvos (commandment observance) have become more and more valuable in Hashem's eyes. The level, atmosphere of holiness, and difficulty of nisyonos (tests) during different generations. Newly qualified mitzvos, and declassified aveiros (sins). With all the good resolutions from prior years, we feel more impoverished and lacking mitzvos than ever before. So we ask Hashem to please look at us with Your infinite love, and not to look with the eyes of prior, much greater generations, but with the eyes of this generation. The importance of the Pomegranate peel. A "muddy" story.