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Fight To The Finish (2) Jumping Into A Different Reality

Part 2 of a shiur based on R' Itamar Schwartz's teachings on Pesach. We are presently stuck in the 50th level of impurity and pnimius (the innermost) haTorah is the only antidote powerful enough to help us escape. In our generation we are drawn to tumah, impurity, like iron to a very strong magnet. In our time, Hashem has given us the power to access the 50th gate of kedushah (holiness). Living a life of mesirus nefesh transports a person into the 50th gate of kedushah. A person can discuss how to serve Hashem ad infinitum, but in the end, he has to understand our current situation and challenges. In the 50th gate it's not anymore a fair fight; It's like sending in a kid from cheder against the heavy-weight champion. We look right, we dress right, and say the right things, but inside - we are losing this unfair war; our only hope is to give ourselves completely over to Hashem, like Nachshon who jumped into the sea. The ultimate level was reached when Nachshon said: Take my life, because it's no longer worth living if I'm not going to be an eved (servant of) Hashem. A person can and must give up his life for Hashem, and he doesn't have to die like Jews did at Har Sinai.


Bitachon Or Hishtadlus? (11) From Humility To Gratitude

Based on the writings of Rav Chaim Cohen, the Chalban, Tallelei Chaim, Sefer Bereishis, P. 541. Why not just forget about asking for anything and let Hashem decide and do whatever is best for me? What Hashem does is HIS business, I have to do my part. Too much humility is also not good. Humility in greatness, Avraham Avinu, Moshe Rabbeinu and R' Moshe Feinstein. A person doesn't need to "hold from himself" yet clearly understand his task and abilities. From humility to emes (truth) to hakaras hatov (gratitude). Recognizing that one's capabilities (kochos) were given to us by Hashem - that is humility, and it leads to gratitude. If everything is from Hashem, then it becomes clear to me that I am nothing; however, I am STILL one of Hashem's creations, therefore I am of worth, but I am not the initial cause of that worth. When greatness misfires and causes pride. The closer we are to Hashem, and the more brachos ([outpouring of] blessings) we receive, the more we are humble. The malach (angel), who is so close to Hashem, recognizes more than anybody else that it's not about him.